24K Gold Regenerating Face Cream

Hot 24K Gold Regenerating Face Cream

Place of Origin: South Korea
Capacity: 50ml

  • Effectively promotes the production of collagen and elastin, and promotes skin self-regeneration
  • Efficient repairing ingredients to help remove skin toxins, repel dark yellow, and reduce pigmentation
  • Strengthens skin hydration, improves wrinkles, reshapes contours, and rejuvenates skin

Main ingredients and effects

  • Gold — has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that inhibit bacterial growth and improve skin tone
  • Blue Copper Peptide (GHK-CU) — Medical research indicates that the blue copper peptide promotes the production of collagen and Elastin proteins, increases antioxidant capacity, and stimulates the production of glucose polyamines (GAGs) to help the skin. Responsive for self-healing talent
  • Six peptides  highly effective moisturizing and softening ingredients, promote skin self-renewal, restore elastic and firm muscles
  • Nine peptides — block melanin formation, prevent melanin precipitation, reduce pigmentation
  • Chaga — has anti-oxidation and prevents infection
  • Macadamia oil — 2 times the vitamin E of olive oil, contains rare plant sterols to help skin metabolism, anti-free radicals and anti-wrinkle spots

Product Description
As early as the 16th century, Chaga was used in Russia and Northern Europe as an effective folk medicine, which is rich in secondary metabolites, including phenolic compounds and melanin. It is more resistant to oxidation and prevents infection. The blue-copper peptide targets the initial signs of aging, continuously repairs skin changes caused by fine lines, dryness, weather and stress, improves wrinkles, reshapes the contours, and rejuvenates the skin. Six peptides can activate the skin energy and promote the renewal of skin texture, forming a protective film on the skin surface, inhibiting evaporation of water while strengthening, moisturizing the skin and leaving the skin no longer dry. Increases the tenderness of the skin, effectively relies on tight facial skin and condenses pores for a smooth, flawless skin. Gold has excellent heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, helps to discharge old waste toxins, purifies the skin, calms and soothes the skin's inflammatory allergic condition, and gives the skin an elegant glow, enhances skin's brightness and vitality, and delays aging. A natural ability to help the skin regain self-healing, regenerate and reshape the lines of the face.

Instructions for use
After cleansing and using the gold foil peptide muscle essence in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to the face and neck, gently massage until fully absorbed.

Silky smooth texture that instantly smoothes wrinkles and revitalizes skin

Contains a variety of precious ingredients to rejuvenate the skin

Leaves skin with an elegant glow that enhances skin's brightness and vitality


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