Caviar LUXE Refining and Soothing Toner

Caviar LUXE Refining and Soothing Toner

Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 200ml

Main Ingredients & Effects

  • Deep-sea mullet, a high-class French caviar extract, contains a high concentration of Glutamate, which is a unique element in the DNA of skin cells. It helps to promote metabolism, speed up cell regeneration and reorganization. During the cleansing process, it repairs damaged skin and reshapes the skin to make it smooth, firm and plump.
  • Six peptides - can promote collagen production, flattening and fine lines around the eyes, enhance facial contours and skin moisture and fullness, leaving the skin delicate and flexible.
  • Yeast formula - can strengthen the defense of the skin, enhance the self-defense function of the skin epidermis, resist the harmful substances from the outside and make the skin cells healthier.

Product Description
Suisse Reborn Premium Caviar deep-seated firming water can calm, moisturize and purify skin. The use of special six peptides and yeast formula can effectively increase skin elasticity, refine pores, soften keratin, and strengthen skin defense. The formula is mildly moisturizing and suitable for dry and sensitive muscles. With refined extracts from the deep-sea mullet, the French caviar essence contains rich skin care elements. From the inside to the outside, the skin is hydrated and full, clear and beautiful.
Premium Caviar Deep Firming Skin Renews skin pH balance, ensures skin moisture balance, is not easy to oil, make skin moist and smooth. At the same time, prepare for the bottom of the skin to enhance the absorption effect of the next skin care program.
Suitable for all skin and sensitive skin types.

Instructions for Use
After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply proper amount of toner to the palm or cotton, smear on the face and neck and gently tap until the skin is completely absorbed. Follow-up day and evening facials.

Use special six peptides and yeast formula to effectively enhance skin elasticity and fineness, strengthen skin's self-defense function, and reduce the chance of skin damage.

Balances skin pH, ensures skin water balance, and strengthens skin's defenses.

Leaves skin hydrated, full and radiant, delicate, delicate, and ready for the underlying skin to enhance the absorption of the next skin care routine.


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