Caviar LUXE Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Caviar LUXE Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 30ml

Main Ingredients & Effects

  • Advanced French Caviar Essence of Deep-sea Cichlids - Caviar extract contains a high concentration of Glutamate, a unique element that makes up the DNA of skin cells. It helps to promote metabolism, speed up cell regeneration and reorganization.
  • Cell Pulse TM - A new stem cell collagen activation technology accelerates cell repair, prevents wrinkles, forms fine lines and is highly effective in moisturizing. Leaves skin hydrated and full
  • Micro - Collagen TM - patented technology developed for wrinkles, can stimulate bone collagen growth, increase the bearing capacity of the underlying skin, and further reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Product Description
Suisse Reborn's Premium Caviar Renew Eye Cream is designed for delicate eye contours with respect to eye signs of aging. The revolutionary formula is infused with deep-sea mullet French caviar extract, Micro Collagen TM and the new Cell Pulse TM stem cell technology. It penetrates into the skin's base layer, stimulates bone collagen and autogenous cells, increases the underlying bearing capacity of the skin, and significantly reduces lightness. Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The texture is thick and not greasy, and it can moisturize and lock water efficiently, preventing dry lines and fine lines. In combination with eye contour microcirculation eye massage, it is gently massaged counterclockwise from the periphery of the eye (the temple) to the inner eye (Qingming point), allowing the essence to quickly penetrate the eye muscles and improve the eye area. The microcirculation of the skin accelerates metabolism, reduces swelling of the eyes and dilutes dark circles, so that the eye's skin instantly recovers its elasticity, brightens and refreshes instantly.

Instructions for Use
In the morning and evening, take appropriate amount of noble fish regenerating eye cream on the skin around the eye, and then with micro-circulation eye massage, gently massage counterclockwise from the periphery of the eye (the temple) to the inner eye (Seimei).

With the luxurious caviar eye cream that comes with the micro-circulation eye-type massage stick, the eye cream essence can be easily absorbed. At the same time, you can massage around the eyes and make fixed-point pressure to inject vitality into the skin.

Infused with luxurious caviar extracts, Micro-Collagen TM and Cell Pulse TM patented formulas, starting from the strengthening of the muscle cell structure, greatly improve the signs of aging of the eye and make the skin of the eye reproducible.

Reduce eye edema, improve skin tone and firmness, and reduce signs of aging.

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