ICED-AGE - Crystal Lifting Cream

ICED-AGE - Crystal Lifting Cream

Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 50g

The Main Ingredients and Effects

  • The glacial stem cells PhytoCellTecTM nunatak® - originated from the Alpine Dianthus pearl flower that survived the last glacial Alpine plant. Glacial stem cells maintain the regenerative capacity of stem cells despite challenging conditions (such as exposure to ultraviolet light). Clinical studies further confirmed this protective effect: after use, skin elasticity, firmness and density increased significantly.
  • Antarctic glucoprotein AntarcticineTM - derived from Antarctica, has many unique advantages. Effectively prevents dryness, moisturizes skin, smoothens skin, and protects skin from free radical damage. It protects the skin at extremely low temperatures and promotes natural water storage. The molecules of this organic substance are cryoprotective and will continue to grow in the most extreme environments.

Product Description
Plant stem cells that have survived from the harshest environment on earth have been injected into this new series, unveiling the mysteries of survival that slowed down the first years of age, and creating an anti-ageing beauty. Reduces signs of fatigue, dullness, and dryness, effectively repelling fine lines Gives radiance and vitality, becomes more elastic, rejuvenates like young skin, fills fine lines and keeps skin young forever. Through in-depth scientific research, PhytoCellTecTM nunatak® and AntarcticineTM have been proven to be effective in anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. The persistent survival potential of the glacial stem cells PhytoCellTecTM nunatak® is transferred to our skin cells, protecting and responding to everyday environmental challenges, thereby delaying aging. Antarcticine Glucoprotein AntarcticineTM is a rare, pure serum that blocks moisture in the skin and has a lasting effect. The skin glows with radiance, smoothness, and no trace.

Instructions for Use
Apply appropriate amount on face, neck and chest and shoulders in morning and evening. Follow with follow-up Suisse Reborn facials during the day or evening.

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