Ocean Secret – Hydra Brightening Booster

Ocean Secret – Hydra Brightening Booster

Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 50ml

Main Ingredients and Effects

  • Ocean Placenta Extract - Intensifies deep into the skin's bottom layer, effectively promotes collagen hyperplasia, enhances firmness and fineness, and reduces facial relaxation. Reshape young tightness.
  • FicuCell Vita - Strengthens the skin's outer barrier and blocks the aging chain reaction. The
  • BioNymph Peptides - Repels wrinkles and fine lines, repairs DNA, fears signs of aging, reveals a radiant glow.

Product Description
Aqua Vitality Moisturizing Serum condenses the power of the ocean and science to instantly provide an endless supply of moisturizing and lifting benefits. The formula contains unique active ingredients FicuCell Vita, Ocean Placenta extract and BioNymph Peptides, moisturizing, vitalizing, and brightening. Three-in-one. The rare deep-sea plant stem cells and extracts (FicuCell Vita) have natural cell repair power, consolidate the skin's outer barrier, and can also stop the aging chain reaction and delay cell aging. Ocean Placenta Extract is a brand new technology that extracts rare ingredients from deep-sea algae, effectively increases cellular activity, promotes collagen proliferation, BioNymph Peptides boosts cellular energy, repairs DNA, and lightens young skin. Patterns and wrinkles. Aqua Vital Skin Moisturizing Essence, texture moist and non-sticky, fade fade spots and improve dull skin tone, reduce the formation of melanin, reshape the compact contour, lasting concentration of moisture to make the skin lasting moisture, to resist the environmental factors on the skin caused Dry and aging. Creates a supple and radiant glow for the skin Suitable for all skin types

Instructions for Use
After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, apply a proper amount of moisturizing serum and gently massage until completely absorbed. Together with Suisse Reborn Day and Night Care, it instantly moisturizes and lifts firmness, leaving skin moist and translucent.


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