Ocean Secret – Hydra Brightening Cleansing Gel

Ocean Secret – Hydra Brightening Cleansing Gel

Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 120ml

Main Ingredients and Effects

  • Ocean Placenta Extract - Deepens into the skin's bottom layer, effectively promotes collagen hyperplasia, enhances firmness and fine density, and reduces facial relaxation. Reshape young tightness.
  • FicuCell Vita - to consolidate the outer barrier of the skin, blocking the aging chain reaction.
  • BioNymph Peptides - Repels wrinkles and fine lines, repairs DNA, traces of fearless years, reveals radiant glow

Product Description
Converging the power of ocean and science, and providing endless moisturizing effect, the formula contains unique active ingredients FicuCell Vita, Ocean Placenta extract and BioNymph Peptides, which combines moisturizing, living muscle and brightening. The rare deep-sea plants, stem cells and extracts (FicuCell Vita) have natural cell repair power, strengthen the skin's outer barrier, and can also prevent aging reactions and delay cell aging. Ocean Placenta Extract is a brand new technology that extracts rare ingredients from deep-sea algae, effectively increases cellular activity and promotes collagen proliferation. BioNymph Peptides boosts cellular energy, repairs DNA, and lightens young skin. Patterns and wrinkles. Aqua Vital Cleansing Gel provides a gentle cleansing experience to the skin, easily removing skin surface dirt, excess oil and aging keratin. Effectively shrinks pores caused by dirt. Contains highly effective moisturizing essence, cleans the skin while rejuvenating moisture. Gives skin a subtle, silky glow

Instructions for Use
Take appropriate amounts of facial cleanser on the face in the morning and in the evening. Gently circle and clean it thoroughly to remove dirt and make-up on the face. Then wash thoroughly with clean water. Follow-up Suisse Reborn facials during the day and evening.


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