Galactomyces 2-Step Renewal Treatment Mask

Galactomyces 2-Step Renewal Treatment Mask

Origin: South Korea
Capacity: (6ml+25ml) x (6 tablets)

Main ingredients & Effects

  • Yeast extraction - Yeast extract contains a large number of amino acids that can condition the skin from the ground up, increase cell activity, anti-oxidation, repair and defense, and restore skin elasticity.
  • Nicotine Amine (Vitamin B3) - Increases skin protein, strengthens skin barriers, helps repair damaged skin, improves moisture loss, and increases skin moisture.
  • Vitamin B5 - retains water, locks water, and creates elastic muscles. Improve fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out.
  • Natural plant extract - It effectively moisturizes, whitens, and activates the skin, leaving the skin full of energy, while maintaining a good complexion without leaving a strain on the skin.

Product Description
Combines two major skin conditioning ingredients in a revolutionary formula that contains high-performance yeast extract and nicotinamide (vitamin B3). YUMÉI's film-coated yeast whitening, whitening, purifying and replenishment lock in moisture, giving the skin a pure glow. Ze's touching brilliance. Step one: Peach Key focuses on providing essential nutrients and moisture for the desired areas, improving skin texture while inhibiting the formation of melanin, powerful light spots, and healthy skin. Step 2: Effectively invigorate the regeneration of skin cells and balance the secretion of sebum, which helps prevent the formation of blackheads. It penetrates into the muscles to fight off dark spots and dullness. The skin is completely repaired and improved, and the skin is sublimated to a higher level.

Instructions for Use
Step one: After cleansing, open the omentum and remove the peach blossom key film on the part that needs important maintenance and repair (such as the forehead, eye socket, cheek or chin position). Step 2: Open the mask and apply it on the face. After about 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and the peach blossom film. Gently massage the remaining essence until it is completely absorbed. Subsequent use of YUMÉI skin care series for better results.

The natural plant extracts are added to the ingredients to infuse the skin with powerful water retention and moisturizing power to form a moisturizing and hydrating film on the skin surface to keep the skin moist, shiny and smooth.

Day after day, coarse pores and stains improve.

The skin is perfect and meticulous, even and clear, showing a delightful young light.


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