Supreme Luxury Cream

Supreme Luxury Cream

Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 50ml

The Main Ingredients and Effects

  • Advanced French Caviar Caviar Extract - Advanced French Caviar extract extracted from deep-sea clams. The caviar extract contains high concentrations of glutamate, a unique and important component of DNA that effectively accelerates cell regeneration and promotes metabolism. Recombination with cells stimulates collagen to proliferate and diminish fine lines, so that the skin instantly restores its luster and elasticity.
  • Japanese green tea (Crest tea and jade green tea) extract - Japanese green tea extract has a high concentration of antioxidant factors, the latest research report pointed out that one of the important components of catechins contains 100 times more vitamin C than vitamin C. Can fully anti-aging and effectively protect skin cell tissue.
  • Yellow Phosphorus Complex - Enhances skin vitality and strengthens the skin's natural resistance to fatigue: It helps the skin, especially during use, to store energy and manage energy use.
  • Algae Protein - Increases skin vitality and stimulates skin firmness.

Product Description
After many years of research and development, Suisse Reborn has created the most exclusive skincare product in 2012, Supreme Supreme Cream, along with its most advanced skin care products. It includes a noble formula and a high concentration of ingredients, which are rich in protein and amino acids provided by the protein. Helps activate enzymes and hormones, effectively repairs and reconstructs cell tissue, restores elasticity to the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates skin, and restores skin. Luxurious Caviar Supreme Repair Cream is rich in texture, smooth and smooth to mature skin, can fully nourish and tighten skin, and quickly improve tired, dull, dry and dry skin, leaving skin with silky youthful luster .
Supreme Luxury Cream's Supreme Repair Cream contains no preservatives (removal of aggressive preservatives), no mineral oil (reduces whitefly formation) and no animal testing.

Instructions for Use
It is recommended that in the morning and evening, firstly take a suitable amount of Suisse Reborn Caviar Supreme Face Cream on a fingertip (don't use your fingers) with a special spoon, then apply the face and massage until it is completely absorbed. After each use, use a paper towel to wipe the cream on the bottle mouth. The bottle is equipped with the latest design. The lid contains a double seal to ensure that the cream does not deteriorate.


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