Placenta Essence Mask

Placenta Essence Mask

Placenta Essence Mask
Capacity: 10 pcs
Country of origin: Korea


Contains Placenta Protein – Nutrition / Resilience / Moisturizing

Placenta protein (Specific Pathogen Free pig) contains skin nutrition materials, such as 21 types of proteins, including amino acid, albumin, and globulin, 55 types or more enzymes, lipids and fatty acids, nudeic acid constituents, mineral, vitamins, Myuko polysaccharide, and SA amino acid and provide healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid and shea butter contained in the mask moisturize and nourish your skin when your skin is dull and dried and gives a comfortable feeling.



1.Wash you face and dried with cotton towel and apply face lotion (Before opening, dab the packaging two-three times with your palms to mix essence evenly.)

2.Open a package that has one sheet. Place the mask on your face, adjusting around your eyes first, make sure to spread evenly over your face using your fingers. (Essence on your hands can be applied to your hands, neck, and other areas that need)

3.Remove the patch 15-20 minutes later.

4.Dab the essence on your skin to help absorption.


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