Eye Essential Pre Essence

Eye Essential Pre Essence

Capacity: 45ml
Place of Origin: South Korea

The skin of the eyes is extremely soft and thin, easy to be sensitive and has eye lines, and the sweat glands and sebaceous glands are less distributed, especially dry and dehydrated. Even the most moisturizing eye creams are difficult to be absorbed quickly, even staying on the skin surface to form fat. Granules, not worth the candle. The placenta is specially developed to develop the strongest fund base of the eye, which is used to cover the delicate skin of the eyes. It is clear and comfortable. It is not sticky or sticky, instantly melts and softens the skin, maintains the optimal balance of the eye muscles, and penetrates the skin. Force, accelerate the penetration and effectiveness of the next eye cream, while enhancing the resistance of the muscle base and reducing sensitivity. Its precious anti-aging combination builds a protective net for the eye muscles, defends against free radicals, reduces collagen loss, restructures the muscle base to support the network, enhances the contour of the eye, and solves the eyelid lines, crow's feet, fine lines of the eyes, Problems such as edema and slack. With deep moisturizing and rejuvenating plant elements, the rich water deeply infiltrates the bottom layer, calms and relieves, and promotes cell respiration and detoxification, significantly improves the fundus depression and fatigue, even skin tone, enhances transparency and gloss. Gentle muscle base formula, reset eye muscle immune function, repair damaged tissue, enhance natural regenerative power, make your eyes regain vitality and firmness, full of tenderness and luster.

Deep moisturizing and rejuvenating elements significantly improve the soreness and fatigue of the fundus, so that the eyes can regain vitality and firmness, full of tenderness and luster.

Clear and comfortable feeling is not sticky or greasy, open up the absorption of the skin, enhance the resistance of the muscle base, accelerate the penetration and effectiveness of the subsequent eye cream.

Improves the contours of the eye and solves problems such as eyelid lines, crow's feet, fine lines on the eyes, edema and slack.

Placental beauty patent ingredient rHPP-11, Magnolia bark extract, white willow bark extract, tea extract, pomelo fruit extract, propolis extract, chamomile extract and the like.

Instructions for Use
Before using eye cream in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to the eye area, then gently tap with your fingertips to promote absorption.


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