Eye Reshaping RF System II

Eye Reshaping RF System II

Country of Origin: South Korea
Capacity: 1 set
Included accessories: host, transformer (charger), USB cable, velvet protection bag

Staying up late, not getting enough sleep, or always facing the computer is the normal life of modern people. It is prone to dark circles, eye bags and eye lines. It will make you look old and hard to recover. Even applying a lot of concealer is only a temporary solution. Activate Alum RF artifacts with a new multi-polar radio frequency principle to fully promote microcirculation of the skin around the eyes, relieve eyelid varicose veins, make eye blood loops smooth, help remove eye toxins, thereby reducing dark circles; When the RF radio frequency enters into the deep tissue of the skin, the aged collagen fibers in the underlying layer of the skin are stretched and shortened instantaneously, thereby improving the relaxation of the skin, reducing the appearance of the eye lines and firming the bags under the eyes; Greatly improve the problems caused by loss of support on the skin of the eye and make the contours of the eyes more prominent. RF RF not only causes old collagen to shrink, but also promotes metabolism. Continuously proliferating collagen can increase skin elasticity and at the same time achieve the effect of light lines, which makes the eye muscles fuller. As long as the right remedy can repel the traces of ruthless years, while activating the fatigue of the eye skin, eyes glow unprecedented youthful light.

With the principle of brand-new multi-polar radio frequency, it promotes the microcirculation of the skin around the eyes, lighten the eye lines and tightens the bags under the eyes, tightens the sides of the nose, makes the contours of the eyes more three-dimensional, activates the skin around the eyes, and improves the problems caused by the years. Eye lines make eyes glow like never before.

Five functions of Eye Reshaping RF System II

  1. Collagen hyperplasia strengthens the delicate skin around the eyelids.
  2. Improves elasticity and repairs signs of aging, reducing tear troughs.
  3. Strengthen the blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism, and discharge accumulated waste toxins.
  4. Repairs and strengthens microfilament blood vessels, eliminates melanin deposition, and reduces dark circles.
  5. Anti-edema, removal of bags under the eyes, reformation of stereo eye contours.

Use tips
"Bi-Bi" starts eight times and the red light indicates that there is insufficient power.
Connect the transformer and USB cable to the host docking station. "Bi-Bi" indicates that the charging is started twice. "Bi-Bi" indicates that the charging is completed six times. The blue lamp will light up.

Charging time
It takes about 40 minutes to charge with the charger, and it takes about 1 hour to connect the USB to the computer. After charging, the power can be used for a few hours.

Preparation before use
Apply an appropriate amount of RF-specific eye nutrition cream to the eye area. Before use, please remove the accessories worn on the body, such as rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or anything made of metal. After applying the cream, thoroughly clean and dry your hands before proceeding.

Steps for usage

  1. Turn on the power and press the “treatment selection button” once. The 10-minute preset treatment starts immediately and the level “1” indicator lights up at the same time.
  2. According to individual skin conditions and needs, choose the appropriate treatment temperature. Press the “treatment selection button” once and adjust to level “2”. The treatment temperature will increase accordingly.
  3. After the 10-minute treatment was completed, the alarm sounded. At this time, turn off the power and clean the inlet with clean water or alcohol-soaked cotton.

Recommended treatment time
Use 1-2 times a week for 10 minutes each time.

Massage direction as shown


  1. At the beginning and end of treatment, drinking a glass of water will enhance detoxification.
  2. During the course of treatment, keep the RF artifacts on the move to prevent heat concentration and cause skin burns.
  3. The duration of the treatment should not exceed 60 minutes per day, and the next course of treatment must be performed after 24 hours.


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