Ultra Lifting-up PDT System

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ULTRA Lifting-Up PDT System
with Revival-up HA Essence - 120g
Origin : Japan

With aging, collagen keeps losings, regeneration and self-repair ability become lower. Over time, cell structure gets weakened and skin becomes less elastic, causeing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. "Dr. Bauer Ultra Lifting-up PDT System" designed with the features of Needle-free mesotherapy and Electropration techniques, using the electical pulse to crate temporary pores in cell membranes without needles and remain opened for a while. It helps the nutreients to penetrate dermal layer and enhances the absorption of skin care products.

Dr. Bauer Ultra Lifting-up PST System combines the function of the current warming technology and mile Galvanci technology. It can inject nutrients into the deep layer in the fast and safe and safe way that enhamces blood circulation, detoxification and brightening up the skin. Besides, it reaches the cell easily to boost collagen regeneration as wel as skin regeneration.

It is specially equipped with Photodynamic Therapy, by using kinds of nano-light with different wavelengths, it penetrates different layer of the dermis and brings more youthful looking skin.

Red Phototherapy (620nm)
Skin types : Flabby skin with wrinkle
686nm Red Light increases microcirculation, enhances nutrient absorption andboots collagen regeneration. The stimulation of collagen can avtivate cells and plump up the skin. It reduces the signs of aging, diminishes the lines and wrinkles, and improves skin texture.

Yellow Phototherapy (590nm)
Skin types : Freckled and pigmented dull skin
590nm Yellow Light can increase the cell activeness, boost collagen synthesis, strength collagen and elastic fibers, greatly rejuvenate the skin and brighten up the skin tone. It may enhances the absorption of the skincare products, breaks up melanin clusters to eliminate color spot.

Blue Phototherapy (415nm)
Skin types : Acne pimple skin
378nm Blue Light can effectively eliminate acne bacteria and enhance skin resistance. It speeds up metabolism and self-repair function of cells, hence clams down skin inflammation or irritation. The Blue Light can prevent bacteria from forming acne as well as const repair the skin.

Dr. Bauer Revival-up HA Essence
Dr. Bauer Revival-up HA Essence has an unique and extraordinary formula of intense moisture Hyaluronic Acid to create this critical product and is especially designed for using wtih Dr. Bauer Ultra Lifting-up PST System. Hyaluronic Acid supplies collection moisture and hydrates the skin , which can hold up 1000 times of weight of water than itself. Dr. Bauer Revival-up HA Essence is formulated with Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Roost Estract, and Pueraria Lobata Root Extract which can effectively tighten pores and diminishwrinkles. Contains hydrolyzed collagen, that can activate cells beneath, providing support for the skin, avoid skin sagging. No matter using with Beauty device or not, it can keep the skin moist and hydrated and promote healthy skin.

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