Face Reshaping RF System II

SOLD OUT Face Reshaping RF System II

Origin : Korea

Dr. Bauer Face Reshaping RF System II combines the functions of Radio Frequency (RF), Galvanic and Vibration. Its multi-polar properties can reach cell’s layer easily to boost collagen regeneration while its infra-heat induced effectively enhances blood circulation, performing detoxification to well restore skin’s resilience and firmness.
Benefited from the mild Galvanic technology, it succeeds in injecting nutrients beneath dermis in the fastest and safest way. It is also designed with LED red light (620nm) and micro vibration in which performs well in stimulating metabolism, smoothening out wrinkles and skin regeneration. Skin becomes smooth and flawless.

Functions : 8 Beauty Miracles

Radio frequency:

  • Boosts collagen regeneration for firming and wrinkle improvement.
  • Promotes collagen and elastin synthesis to restore skin’s elasticity.
  • Enhances lifting and prevents aging.
  • Encourages blood and lymphatic circulation for detoxification.
  • Reduces acnes, blackheads, scars and blemish.
  • Facial contouring and refining.


  • Strengthen cell permeability and inject nutrients into skin for optimal result.


  • Stimulate metabolism and anti-wrinkle.Skin’s quality depends on skin’s absorption rate, even skin care products cannot perfectly deliver nutrients beneath dermis. As a result, skin keeps appearing dull and uneven.

Dr. Bauer’s revolutionary Face Reshaping RF System II enters a new era of reshaping and opens a new chapter in skin care, which combines the RF, Galvanic, Vibration and LED red light. It successfully introduces the best combination of lifting and injection to lock the age of skin.


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