4D Body Cleansing Brush Refill

4D Body Cleansing Brush Refill

Origin: Korea
Capacity: 1 pcs

The new technology research and development, the unique design of bicyclic bristles, inner coarse 0.1mm, outer only 0.06mm, it used to reduce the growth of bacteria in the sebaceous follicles, making your skin whiter than before ﹑ more slippery than before.

Pull the body cleansing brush gently for removal, push the new body cleansing brush back gently for locking. 

User Tips

  1. Remove the body brush head from body. Rinse the brush and rubbing it with water for 5-10 seconds. Use dry towel to pat the brush, absorb excess water and leave it in a dry place. 
  2. For hygiene reason, recommend replace the body brush every three months. 
  3. Not recommend using with following skin conditions: allergy, irritated, acned and inflammed skin. 
  4. For external and cosmetic use only. Keep out of children and dry place. 

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