Hot & Cool Revitalizer

Hot & Cool Revitalizer

Origin: Korea
Accessories: The device, adaptor, massage head protector

Modern beauty philosophy was no longer just pursing the active ingredients, but also skin temperature. Whereas skin at low temperature will slow down blood circulation and metabolism, in happens cloggy pores, dead skin and toxin alive on the face, affect active ingredient absorption. The air conditioning and sunray that living daily may drive the skin roughnessm black spot and acne such problems. whereas skin at high temperature will weaken the skin, and its blood vessel wall, leading sebaceous glands out of control, gives UV attrack into skin easily. In consequently, it will drive collagen away, weaken elastic structure and losing skin brightness and firmness. 
Dr. Bauer Hot & Cool Revitalizer utilizers alternate hot and cool skincare therapy, tunes the skin to optimal temperature for power up absorption and self-defense ability. its unique horn-shaped body design, user friendly, easy to massage different areas, the skin no longer threatened by seasonal changes. Always wake up to radiant and resilient skin with no seasons. 

User Tips

  1. Press power button of either hot or cool mode for 2 seconds. it makes a beep once the power ON.
  2. Auto OFF after 3 minutes for each mode. Or press any mode button (Hot or Cool) for 2 seconds to switch off by manual. It makes 3 beeps once the power OFF. 
  3. Select the mode and press the mode button for 2 seconds. It makes a beep once start. 
  4. It needs 2 hours for full charging. Charging loght at the end of the device will turn to green. 
  5. Power usage is about 40 minutes after full charging.


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