Electronic Nail Magic

Electronic Nail Magic

Capacity: 1 set
Accessories: The device﹑Callus Remover(Sparse Pattern)﹑Nail Trimmer(Thick Pattern)﹑Finer Polisher(Blue)﹑Finest Polisher(Grey)

Create the ideal nail by Nail Magic. Super bright Led is more convenient for lady to use at gloomy area. 


  1. Callus Remover
    After shower, use the Callus Remover to remove callus around nails. 
  2. Nail Trimmer
    Use the Nail Trimmer to reduce nail lenght and shape. 
  3. Finer Polisher
    Make uneven nail surface flat and smooth. 
  4. Finest Polisher
    Make nail surface keeping shiny. 

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