Blu-Ray Pimple Pen

Blu-Ray Pimple Pen

Magic Blu-Ray Pimple Treatment Pen works best at the first signs of new pimple. It helps shorten pimples life cycle and less chance it has to leave pimple scar. Use 2-3 times, spread over 12-24 hours, pimples should be faded or disappeared effectively. Enjoy the treatment by Blu-Ray Pimple Treatment Pen daily and find your own unique beauty. 

User Tips

  1. Pimple Treatment Pen will power off automatically with Bi-Bi-Bi sounds if the starting button is not pressed within 15 seconds. 
  2. After treatment, you may find redness where had been treated by the probe. This is normal reaction and it should be faded out with few hours. 
  3. Pimple Pen works for pimples only. Do not use it for other parts of skin. 
  4. Pimple Pen should not be used by person with skin irritation or dermatosis.

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