360° RF System

SOLD OUT 360° RF System

Origin: Korea
Voltage: 230(V)
360°Radio Frequency System IncludedMain Body /Plated Bar /Handle /Electrode for Face

Dr. Bauer 360°Radio Frequency System (Face & Body) developed by Swiss technology and produced in Korea. It regenerates your cells to replace the old and unhealthy and grow some new cells. It mainly promotes contraction and regeneration, relieves skin elasticity by promoting a synthesis of collagen and elastin, detoxifying by enhance blood circulation and increasing of lymph system, reduceds wrinkles & prevents aging around the eyes, lips and forehead. Moreover, it removes pub forming elements such as purulent, black head, acne scar and sebum. It effectivity mould "s" shape body figure, eliminate excess fat and build your own waistline. Let's experience for oneself of this magic device, change your home into your private beauty salon. 

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