24K Gold Ion Vibrator

SOLD OUT 24K Gold Ion Vibrator

Japan pointed out by scholars into the skin can come close to the bottom, so that the cell recovery, promote skin blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, but also effectively neutralize harmful substances arising due to environmental pollution and due to ultraviolet derived free radicals, thereby reducing skin damage ; "germanium" galvanic contact with the human body, can accelerate metabolism and driven to drain away the old waste, improve skin repair capacity and anti-aging effects. Gold high ionic conductivity, scroll up to 6000 times per minute micro-vibration to efficiently stimulate the dermis. Just gently slide the skin, instantly make sagging and loose skin improved, smooth wrinkles and removing pigmentation, skin restore luster and firmness.

How To Use
Hold the lower part of the 24K Gold Ion Miracle Vibrator. Massage it from internal to external. Can use it for body, such as neck, shoulder. Water resistance proof, could use it during shower. 

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