Bio Liver Tonic

Bio Liver Tonic

Capacity: 120 capsules
Country of origin: Australia

Modern people have a fast pace of life, often staying up late, living and working, excessive tobacco and alcohol, and food contamination, resulting in excessive liver load in the body and reducing the rate at which the liver breaks down toxins. Ao Ting (Huganbao Essence) is a top-grade liver care product based on pure natural herbal extracts. It can clear liver and detoxify, eliminate fatigue; protect the liver from toxic substances such as tobacco and alcohol, unclean food; help the laxative, help the stomach to digest, excrete the body's endotoxin; help break down protein and fat, lower cholesterol; promote metabolism, Effectively improve skin pigmentation caused by liver decline; and can improve dry mouth, mouth bitterness, bad breath, liver fire, yellow eyes and other issues. Suitable for people with fatty liver and liver dysfunction.

100% of this product is developed by Australian GMP Pharmaceutical Factory. It selects pure natural herbal extracts, all natural and contains no preservatives, strong liver and anti-liver, promotes liver metabolism and improves liver and gallbladder function. It can help improve liver detoxification function, remove toxins from the body, improve digestion and nutrient absorption, enhance physical strength and reduce fatigue. Thereby repairing liver function, helping digestion, reducing liver problems such as fatty liver and cholesterol, and helping to improve skin quality. It has antioxidant function, protects the liver from harmful free radicals, strengthens the liver cell membrane, enhances liver detoxification function, and repairs damaged liver cells. Increases bile secretion, helps break down fat and lowers cholesterol. Rich in natural fiber helps absorb fat and improve digestion. It has the effect of diuresis and edema. Promotes liver cell regeneration, maintains intestinal health, and helps digestion. Remove harmful substances accumulated in the body and enhance detoxification.

Milk thistle extract, taurine, psyllium husk powder, dandelion extract, artichoke extract, and red peony (eucalyptus) extract.

Suitable for People

  • Liver damage, liver dysfunction.
  • Difficulty in digestion and unreasonable stool.
  • Regular tobacco and alcohol and eating out.
  • Frequent stay up all night, stress and temper.
  • The skin is dull and dull, easy to lose hair and bad breath.

Adults twice a day, two at a time, before breakfast or dinner or as directed by a doctor.


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