Dr. Bauer (Devices)

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Magnetic Cream Booster (Gold) Hot Sale

Magnetic Cream Booster (Gold)

DescriptionDr Bauer Magnetic Cream Booster is designed to massage, pamper and relax your skin, enhan..

HK$380.00 HK$188.00

Power Up Radio Frequency System

What is Radio Frequency?Radio frequency is the number of waves per second of the electric and magnet..

Face Reshaping RF System II SOLD OUT

Face Reshaping RF System II

Origin : KoreaDr. Bauer Face Reshaping RF System II combines the functions of Radio Frequency (R..


Eye Reshaping RF System II

Country of Origin: South KoreaCapacity: 1 setIncluded accessories: host, transformer (charger), USB ..


Body Reshaping RF System

Origin: KoreaCapacity: 1 setAccessories: The device, AdaptorFrequency:1 MHzVoltage:11.1V/1700mAhCapa..


360° RF System

Origin: KoreaVoltage: 230(V)360°Radio Frequency System Included:Main Body /Plated Bar ..


Belt Plate (Accessories of 360° RF System)

Origin: KoreaRecommend to use belt plate during the body treatment. How To UsePlease tighten ..


Electrode for Body (Accessories of Power Up Radio Frequency System / 360° RF System)

Origin: KoreaWe recommend you use Dr. Bauer Body Enamelled Electrode when you are doing body treat..


Sphere Eye Enamelled Electrode (Accessories of Power Up Radio Frequency System / 360° RF System)

Unique spherical designWhen used, the enamel head adheres to the eye skin, making it easy to create ..

Ultra Lifting-up PDT System Sale SOLD OUT

Ultra Lifting-up PDT System

ULTRA Lifting-Up PDT Systemwith Revival-up HA Essence - 120gOrigin : JapanWith aging, collagen keeps..

HK$1,699.00 HK$739.00
Blue LED Blackhead Remover SOLD OUT

Blue LED Blackhead Remover

Air and environmental pollution, together with incomplete facial cleansing, will make the hair folli..


Hot & Cool Revitalizer

Origin: KoreaAccessories: The device, adaptor, massage head protectorModern beauty philosophy was no..


Electronic Nail Magic

Capacity: 1 setAccessories: The device﹑Callus Remover(Sparse Pattern)﹑Nail Trimmer(Thick Pattern)﹑Fi..


Blu-Ray Pimple Pen

Magic Blu-Ray Pimple Treatment Pen works best at the first signs of new pimple. It helps shorten pim..


24K Gold Ion Vibrator

Japan pointed out by scholars into the skin can come close to the bottom, so that the cell recovery,..